“…This book is presented so uniquely and artistically, it would be hard to give this book less than a full five stars out of five. While not everyone will appreciate it, J. R. Crook is an author whose first novel is a piece of true literary fiction which will establish him immediately as outstandingly skillful writer. With Sleeping Patterns, Crook proves he has both the imagination and the bravery to give us something out of the ordinary…”             – Davida Chazan, Curious Book Fans

“Many novels have been called unique and powerful, and described as containing incredible depths.  If such a number of novels is categorised as a group then Crook’s short work is destined to join it.  And yet it can’t, because what Crook has written here is truly different; it is the structure of the plot, the layers of meaning that aren’t contained in the pages and that must be experienced afterwards, that are so individual.” – Charlie Place, The Worm Hole

“Sleeping Patterns is the kind of book that lingers in the mind, revealing itself slowly and would benefit from many readings to appreciate it fully.  It is either a work of genius or a triumph of form over substance.  If pushed to decide either way I would incline towards the former…” – Julie Fisher, Bookmunch

“In the 102 pages of his debut novel, JR Crook discusses the relationship between author, subject and reader, plays with narrative structures, explores multiple character viewpoints and the complexities of shared experience whilst retaining a lightness of touch and eschewing the sort of dense dogmatism which can plague literary fiction. Sleeping Patterns is at once stripped down and bursting with ideas; concepts influenced by Barthes and Foucault are incorporated into the text without the need for signposting or exposition. Crook is justifiably confident in his ability to introduce philosophical ideas whilst still creating brilliantly readable prose.” – Thom Cuell, Workshy Fop

“Sleeping Patterns is one of those books that packs a lot into its small number of pages… The fact that the novel is award-winning is no real surprise, and there is a lot here for a reading group to discuss.” Newbooks Magazine

“…This is the work of an inventive and talented writer who has taken a chance and is unafraid to challenge the reader’s expectations with the unconventional style and structure of his storytelling…” – Lindsay Healy, The Little Reader Library

“J.R. Crook’s beguiling novella, Sleeping Patterns, is one of the most original little experiments in fiction that I’ve come across in a while and the strangest hopscotch of a love story.” – Victoria Best, Tales from the Reading Room

“The language is beautiful and there are some interesting questions raised about age, the stuff of dreams, and, most intriguingly, the relationship between writers, their work and their readers.” Ani Johnson, The Book Bag

“Sleeping patterns is a solid, provoking book and a slim volume. Its puzzles and mindful musing are compressed into its slight pages. Crook has constructed an odd narrative universe which is unsettling from the off. It is unsettling in the sense that it is unusual and for this reason it is an excellent ploy in capturing the readers’ attentions.”                           – Frances Carson, Inkling Book Reviews

“…A novel that has the potential to offer the modern reader more than he might usually expect from a book… it is not a consumable or disposable product, as so many of today’s books seem to be.”

“[The] mystery keeps one reading, but Sleeping Patterns also gives cause to reflect on how far we can really know people, no matter how well we think we do. This is an intriguing start to Crook’s career, and it’ll be interesting to see what he writes next.”   – David Hebblethwiate, Follow the Thread

“…This is a strange and appealing read. Self-consciously clever it draws the reader in and often tempts them into grasping for meaning where there is none. For a first novel this is a thought-provoking piece of writing, and one suspects, wiht his first novel under his belt, that Crook will have more to offer the literary world in the future.” – Matthew Selwyn,

“Crook has written a book unlike which I have ever read before…” – Liam Tarry,

 “…It is packed tight with layers of textual intrigue for the reader. This is one you can’t sit back and let wash over you. You have to engage with the text. You have to work as a reader to make sense of what is going on. In these days of instant gratification and transient desires, this is an exciting, energising prospect and should be grabbed and grappled with.” Sophie Duffy, author of The Generation Game

“Sleeping Patterns is an interesting and unusual book.  For a first time writer, it is a wonderful book.”Vishy’s Book Blog

“I guess that the reading experience is supposed to be disorientating but I think it went too far.  As a first novel, this is too experimental…”  –  Janie U, Amazon

“Ultimately it tries to hard to be post-modern and somehow just fails.” – P. Millar, Amazon

“You’d probably be better off reading the first 1/5 of a really great story.”                            – John Woodcock, Amazon

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