WORKSHY FOP – Excellent literary blog, featuring insightful reviews, interviews and interesting articles.
SHAUN CROOK – Online portfolio of my brother, Shaun, a Freelance Audio Engineer.
SEREIN – Welsh record label specialising in experimental ambient and electronic music.
A LAMP IN A WINDOW – Great blog from photographer Robin Silas Christian, also drummer in Male Bonding, documenting tours and other interesting things.
LUKE BITMEAD – A blog about the late writer Luke Bitmead, whose life is remembered through an annual Bursary Award.
OWEN RICHARDS – Lovely imagery from a talented photographer.
DELFY CREATIONS – Handmade electronic contraptions and circuit-bent toys from Shaun Crook & Alex Delfont.
SAM MILLS – Author of The Quiddity of Will Self.
THE BOX COLLECTIVE – Devon-based arts collective and event organisers.
A WRITER’S LIFE – Blog by Andrew Blackman, author of On the Holloway Road, featuring reviews and articles on all aspects of writing.
NORMAN RECORDS – Excellent independent online record shop, probably the best there is.
CAFE OTO – Almost certainly the best music venue in London.
AUDIOPANDA – Location recording company run by Shaun Crook & Darren Clark.
EXPERIMEDIA – US-based DIY label and online record store.
ONE MAN BOOK – Blog of the prolific author and songwriter, Nicholas Griffin.
IMPORTANT RECORDS – Experimental recordings straight out of Massachusetts.
TYPE RECORDS – Formerly UK-based label, now located in the US, specialising in diversely experimental music.
THE CHEESE SHED – Weird cheeses from a Westcountry shed.
FOXY DIGITALIS – Intelligent reviews of avant-garde releases.
TAIGA RECORDS – “Minneapolis-based, vinyl-only, high-quality archives of minimalism, experimentalism, sound art, jazz etc.”