“Imprints are a technical nightmare of tape machines, synthesizers, homemade pedals, mixing desks and Max/MSP patches; a band perpetually on the brink of collapse. Their music examines the uneasy relationship between dissonance and melody, the contrast between dense masses and harmonious space. Contorted textures and tape-saturated atmospheres merge with pedal-steel-guitar, generative feedback and live sampling to produce a sound that is both organic and electric.”

Imprints is a recording project I’m involved in, alongside my brother and two friends, that lies somewhere in the area of ambient / electronic / musique concrète. It explores live sound manipulation and mass sonic textures within a custom built surround sound environment. A new album, Data Trails, was released by Serein in April 2014 and is available from all the usual places (or you can order direct from the label). Here’s the album sampler:

A previous album, Inside Every Second (under the name Mavis Beacon*), was released by the Ohio-based label False in 2011 and distributed by Experimedia in the US, UK and Japan. It is a 32-channel live studio recording, capturing a single 50-minute take with no over dubs.  It utlised homemade equipment, a variety of synths, guitars, circuit-bent toys/items, tape machines and custom software patches (Max/MSP).  It was mixed in both stereo and 5.1 surround, with stereo mastering by Denis Blackham (Fennesz, Eleh, Eno, Ryoji Ikeda etc.). You can find a review of Inside Every Second HERE. It’s available to buy through Bandcamp.

Below you can find a video featuring the track Wardenclyffe Tower, which is taken from Data Trails. The visuals were captured and mixed live, using microscope feeds and video manipulation.





                                                              *No relation to the typing teacher